‘Tooth N Claw’ breaks cover in NYC

TNC show panel

‘Since the dawn mankind has dreamed of emulating the qualities of nature’s fiercest creatures. The speed of the panther, the power of the tiger, and the grace of the eagle have all served to inspire us, whether on the field of battle or the field of play’

So goes the tagline for Tooth-N-Claw, this striking series of sports-based images that recently launched at New York’s prestigious ‘Surtex’ trade fair. The works, which I produced primarily for the US teen market, were created almost exclusively in Photoshop and are being marketed there under my American pseudonym, Noah Bay.

Following a terrific response from potential licensees, I’m thrilled to report that it’s currently under review at one of America’s leading producers of printed tee shirts, and with card publishers already signed up it looks set to make quite an impact on the other side of the pond.



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